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Superior disinfection through the use of povidone iodine

Povidone iodine is known for its very strong disinfecting effect against microorganisms that bind to contact lenses. By immediately destroying the cytoplasmic membrane of the cells, povidone iodine kills microorganisms instantly. Acanthamoeba trophozoites are therefore killed before they can turn into cysts.

Povidone iodine

Hydrogen peroxide

Optimal cleaning of lipids and proteins

cleadew GP contains proteolytic enzymes and anionic surfactants, which effectively remove protein and lipid deposits from the lens surface. This promotes wetting which will improve the daily wearing comfort. The use of a separate cleaner is no longer necessary.

Ensure safety for the eyes

The low concentration of povidone iodine required to kill the microorganisms guarantees eye safety. It reduces the risk of corneal and conjunctival staining while remaining very effective against microorganisms.