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Microlens Rx
Microlens Rx medical

Ophtecs Europe offers a wide range of soft contact lenses. These are produced in our contact lens laboratory in Elst or by our reliable partners in Germany and Switzerland.

The Microlens Rx is a fully custom soft contact lens system. Unique are the unlimited possibilities which give you the opportunity to design your own soft contact lens. Different toric stabilization options and mulitfocal designs are possible.

You are the designer of the lens.

The Microlens Rx series includes a complete medical line of custom-made soft lenses. keratoconus, post-surgery, bandage lenses, tinted and iris-print lenses. A soft solution for the challenging eye.

Ophtecs Europe is the distributor of the monthly lenses of the German manufacturer Wöhlk. These are manufactured to the highest German quality standards in a wide range of materials, radii and strengths. The lenses are supplied in the Netherlands under the familiar Fresh label.

Brochure Microlens Rx