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Unlimited possibilities

Microlens Rx is the real custom soft contact lens system. A unique system that offers the possibility to design your own soft contact lens which is fully adjustable to the shape of the eye and vision priority of the wearer. You are the designer of the lens.

When designing the lens, not only the cornea and sclera are taken into account, but also the shape and position of the eyelids determine the choice of type of stabilization. These possibilities ensure perfect centering and movement.

Dynamic stabilisation
Dynamic stabilisation
Back surface toric
Prism Ballast

Together with the wearer the most suitable multifocal design is selected. Based on the pupil size and vision priority of the wearer, it is determined which of the three multifocal designs is most suitable and how the power progression of the design should be constructed. There is a possibility to adjust the optical zone diameters as required.

Multifocal 1
Multifocal 2
Multifocal 3

To order the Microlens rx you need to fill out and send the order form below. Here you will also find the Microlens Rx fitting guide to support you with all possibilities and parameters. 

Brochure Microlens Rx
Microlens Rx Order Form
Microlens Rx Fitting Guide